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Helping Others With SAVO: Special Advocates for Vulnerable Oregonians

Please join me November 13 at a dinner to learn more about the fledgling charity, SAVO, and the economic and logistical challenges of aging baby boomers in the already underfunded court system. Learn how this organization has grown from the seed of an idea planted by a judge who identified the need and invited the community to consider how third party volunteer advocates could become involved to aid in the protection of a truly vulnerable population.

• “SAVO’s mission is to assist the court in protecting vulnerable Oregonians by using trained and supervised volunteers to monitor the guardianship proceedings to reduce the potential for abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Research shows that guardianship monitoring helps courts to manage risks and prevent neglect, abuse and exploitation.”

• “SAVO volunteer monitors will provide an independent source of information to the court. Volunteer monitors for the pilot and expanded program undergo training in effective guardianship monitoring from experienced trainers in the field of gerontology, Elder law, and disability services. Training topics include the nature of guardianship cases and recognizing abuse, neglect, and exploitation. After assigned a case, volunteer monitors will flag potential problems through review of reports and personal visits with protected persons. Concerns will then be forwarded to the Probate Court for follow-up action.”

• “Public resources are simply inadequate to provide the level of personal attention and detailed review each protected person under guardianship deserves. SAVO is creating a solution to bridge the gaps and protect our state’s most vulnerable citizens.”