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Greg Lutje’s Article “High Times or High Risk?” Featured on WFG News

“In November 1998, Oregon voters approved Ballot Measure 67, which allowed the medical use of marijuana within specified limits. The following year the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program was created to administer the registration program. As a result, there are currently approximately 230 medical marijuana dispensaries approved (by the Oregon Health Authority) for operation in Oregon.”

SYK attorney Greg Lutje’s article “Leasing to Marijuana Growers/Distributors: High Times or High Risk?” was featured on WFG National Title Insurance Company’s site.  He expands upon insurance, mortgage and financial risks, as well as suggested lease provisions. Also, he informs readers that “Oregon lawyers are now allowed, under Oregon’s recently-revised Rules of Professional Conduct, to counsel and assist clients regarding Oregon’s marijuana-related laws and are required to advise clients of applicable federal laws,” while encouraging current and prospective landlords to seek legal counsel to help evaluate risk and determine appropriate lease provisions regarding marijuana business.  The full article can be found on their website.