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What, Me…Scary?

Some of the skills I have as a litigator have aided me greatly as a mom:

  • I am not afraid of a battle;
  • Preparation is crucial; and
  • Thinking on your feet while juggling several things is mandatory.

I have also found that the skills I have acquired as a mother have aided me in dealing with difficult attorneys or their clients’ unreasonable positions:

  • Sometimes a “time out” is needed to calm everyone down;
  • A tantrum usually just means they know they are wrong; and
  • You can only negotiate with reasonable people, so don’t waste time and energy in hoping irrational people will instantaneously become rational.

Another lawyer-mom has written about this topic.  She says that while we may be “the scariest moms of all,” we also “make excellent parents” because:

1. We read the fine print;
2. Nothing gets past us;
3. We know drudgery;
4. We are trained interrogators; and
5. We love a good fight.

And while I am certain I am biased beyond any redemption, I think she is correct.   Trust me – I’m a lawyer.