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Robot Lawyer – Does That Compute?

An ingenious teen inventor is making news with his robot lawyer that seeks to walk people through the relatively simple legal world of parking tickets.

Are my days as a Trust and Estate Attorney numbered? Will my clients no longer need assistance in wading through the often complicated world of tax and estate planning?  Will a robot be able to advise my clients on the pros and cons of picking certain trustees or guardians for their children?  When families are dealing with the death of a loved one and a daunting list of tasks necessary to work through probate and trust administration, will technology trump my legal experience?  I hope the answers are pretty clear – – because the answers are “No!!!”  The article acknowledges, “They (Robots) will, however continue to streamline processes for handling simple tasks that arguably people should be able to handle without the need for – and expense of – formal legal assistance… Bots can’t provide full and genuine legal counsel, and it will likely take them several decades to become as sophisticated as humans.” So it’s good to know that I’m still needed and not headed toward being obsolete, at least for the foreseeable future.

Now if I could only convince my kids of that fact…..

For legal questions, contact SYK attorney Eric Wieland. He is not a robot lawyer. He believes that unlike robots, no two clients are alike, just as no legal circumstance ever is. His mastery of tax law, and attention to detail are put to work in business, taxation, and estate planning and litigation matters.