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Retirement Benefits: Attorney Anastasia Yu Meisner Featured in OSB Elder Law Newsletter

Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP attorney Anastasia Yu Meisner was recently featured in the Oregon State Bar Elder Law Newsletter. Her piece, SSA Retirement Benefits for Spouses, Domestic Partners, and Divorced Spouses”, was included in the publication.

“When a worker qualifies to receive Social Security retirement benefits, derivative benefits based on the worker’s record may also be available to spouses, certain domestic partners, and ex-spouses. Social Security retirement benefits are available to workers who work at least 40 quarters, and earn a required amount for each quarter of coverage (QC). In 2019 the QC was $1,360. The QC automatically changes each year. In 1978 the QC was $250.

A spouse may receive up to half of the worker’s full retirement age benefit. With respect to this derivative benefit, it does not matter if the worker actually receives retirement benefits that are less than the worker’s full retirement-age amount. And the spouse’s receipt of half of the worker’s retirement benefit does not reduce the amount the worker receives. If a spouse can receive a higher amount from his or her own record, then the spouse will receive that benefit.”

To read the full article, please see the April addition of the Oregon Elder Law Newsletter.

Anastasia (Stacie) Yu Meisner is a member of the SYK Estate Planners practice. Her practice focuses on estate planning, mediation, probate, trust and estate administration. In addition, she also works with guardianships and conservatorships, as well as business transactions and formation. Meisner’s extensive experience in mediation has made her a sought after source of knowledge. She received both her undergraduate and law degree from Willamette University.