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Between Two Screens: Estate Planning – Plan for Success

Please join us for the next installment of SYK Studios – Between Two Screens. This latest episodes features attorneys Victoria Blachly, Darlene Pasieczny, and Anastasia Yu Meisner, and focuses on estate planning.

“We have all heard the phrase: nothing in this world can be certain in life, except death and taxes. As an estate planner, I address these two issues every day. I counsel clients on the best strategies to pass their estates to their loved ones, how to efficiently manage their affairs if they can’t make decisions for themselves, and advise them on the most financially efficient ways to accomplish their goals. With nearly 20 years of estate planning experience, I have collected a list of common mistakes or misunderstandings.” – Anastasia Yu Meisner (be sure to check out her recent blog article: Top Estate Planning Mistakes or Misunderstandings).