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Do NOT Sit on Your Estate Plan (especially if it’s in the couch) – Learning From Aretha Franklin

After five years and a family battle over two handwritten wills left by the singing legend Aretha Franklin, a jury ruled that the later executed will – found in the cushions of Ms. Franklin’s couch – was her validly executed will.

While we all Respect (1967) Aretha Franklin, you need to Jump to It (1982), Rock Steady (1972), and Think (1968) Who’s Zoomin’ Who (1985) to prepare an estate plan that doesn’t eat up five years of time and legal fees. The estate planners at SYK are saying, “Call Me” (1970) and “Break It To Me Gently” (1977) to put your affairs in order. In short, Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (1967) and you will soon be on the Freeway of Love (1985).