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Complex Legal Malpractice

Lawyers make mistakes. Most other lawyers are not willing to hold them accountable when they do. We believe that lawyers have a duty to represent clients who have been harmed by other members of our profession.

Most of our legal malpractice cases involve significant losses. The reason is that these cases are often complex and highly contested, and take considerable time and expense to resolve. For that reason, except in cases of extreme hardship, we generally are not able to accept legal malpractice cases where the value of the harm caused is less than $250,000.

Our legal malpractice cases will most often arise in a business or investment context where a law firm represents a business or investor and makes a clear mistake that results in substantial losses. Sometimes it is in the context of litigation, such as where a firm mishandles a lawsuit for a client. Other times, it involves a transaction that was not properly performed.