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A Sabbatical in England

The English Law and Courts: A Sabbatical in England

The American legal system has roots in Old England, all the way back to 1215, the year of the Magna Carta. Indeed, after winning our independence, we adopted (or, more accurately, retained) the English common law.

As the time for my sabbatical approached, I decided to use that opportunity to explore the English legal system first hand. And, this summer, I packed my bags and have come to England to view the law and courts of England. Watch the SYK blog for some of my observations.

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Eldercare 101 – A New Book from a Local Author

Eldercare 101: A Practical Guide to Later Life Planning, Care, and Wellbeing is a new book to help elders and their families, as prepared by a practicing gerontologist and aging life care manager who collaborated with an experienced team of experts to write about “6 Pillars of Aging Wellbeing:” legal, financial, living environment, social, medical, and spiritual.

The book will be available in mid-August, but you can pre-order a copy now.

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Happy Birthday – The Estate Tax Turns 100

In 1916, Congress instituted the estate tax to boost U.S. revenues just in case we joined the fight in World War I. At the time, the top rate was 10% and the exemption was $50,000, which meant it affected less than 1% of estates. Proponents of the tax thought it was a reasonable way to raise money while its opponents in Congress thought it was a matter best left to the states.

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Competency Can be Tricky: Don’t Rule Out the Nonagenarian

Sumner Redstone, at 92 years-old and the controlling shareholder of his $40 billion media empire, Viacom Inc. and CBS Corp. has accomplished a lot. And a court recently ruled he can continue to make his own decisions, including deciding who should be his health-care agent.

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The Estate of Prince – Let’s Go Crazy!

Early reports tell us that the late musician Prince died without a will. Therefore, Minnesota “intestacy” statutes (i.e. statutes govern estates of decedents dying without a will) are going to control the administration of Prince’s estate. In a legal petition filed on April 26, 2016, by Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, Ms. Nelson stated that she did not know of the existence of a will signed by Prince. Because of this, no person currently has the legal right to act on behalf of his estate.

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Gorrell Speaking at Food Fusion: Law’s Sustaining Role in Food

On April 15th, Denise Gorrell will be joining a group of panelists at Lewis & Clark Law School to discuss legal and policy issues that are involved in producing and providing the foods we eat. Food Fusion: Law’s Sustaining Role in Food is the second annual Food Law Forum. Visit the event website for more information and to register for this event.

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Due Diligence: Just Who Are You Dealing With?

Your time is valuable. You don’t need to be dealing with individuals or entities who have bad intentions or who are deceptive. You’re probably better off taking a vacation to the beach or the mountains than you are dealing with unscrupulous people. Take some time to learn about the party with whom you will be dealing before you obligate yourself or your company. You may find out that they aren’t who they claim to be.

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Emerging Leaders for Oregon – Women, Wine & Words of Wisdom

In honor of Women’s History Month, join Emerging Leaders for a special evening celebrating women empowering women. SYK attorney Victoria Blachly will be among the guest speakers from professional, non-profit and political arenas sharing their experiences working on behalf of women, their perspectives on leadership and success, and their wisdom on what can be done to work towards a stronger future for Oregon.

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KPTV Features Attorney Victoria Blachly and Digital Asset Laws

SYK attorney and fiduciary litigator Victoria Blachly was featured recently in a KPTV news segment regarding an update to Oregon law.

Beginning next year, SB 1554 will allow legal access to digital assets. Read more about the laws of digital assets and the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Accounts Act (RUFADAA) in our recent article.

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Investor Defenders

Aequitas Private Notes

I received a document from a confidential source that was prepared by Aequitas and it is quite enlightening. It is written about the Aequitas Private Notes issued by ACF (Aequitas Commercial Finance), and dated the third quarter of 2015.

The document states, “ACF uses proceeds from Private Notes primarily to repay prior investors.” I interpret this to mean that the company did not have the assets to pay prior investors from its regular course of business. I define a Ponzi Scheme as an investment scheme that operates by using new investor money to pay prior investors, and creating the illusion that distributions are from operations, when they are not.

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Oregon First to Pass RUFADAA – Allowing Legal Access to Your Digital Assets

SYK has been advising our clients, friends and colleagues about managing Digital Assets (your online accounts) for many years, lamenting the fact that the internet was outrunning the law. We’ve been writing about it, testifying before legislators, speaking at seminars and encouraging everyone to prepare a VAIL – Virtual Asset Instruction Letter.

We are happy to report that there is new light on the issue. Oregon has just become the first state in the union to pass RUFADAA: The Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Accounts Act. Oregon Senate Bill 1554 was signed by the Governor yesterday and will become effective January 1, 2017.

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Robot Lawyer – Does That Compute?

An ingenious teen inventor is making news with his robot lawyer artificial intelligence that seeks to walk people through the relatively simple legal world of parking tickets. Does this mean my days as a Trust and Estate Attorney numbered? Will my clients no longer need assistance in wading through the often complicated world of tax and estate planning? Will a robot be able to advise my clients on the pros and cons of picking certain trustees or guardians for their children?

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9th Circuit Upholds DOL’s Restrictions on Tip Pooling

On February 23, 2016, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held in Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association v. Perez (9th Cir., No. 13-35765 [Feb. 23, 2016]) that the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has the authority to regulate the tip pooling practices of all employers, not just those who take a tip credit. This is a considerable expansion of their authority.

In 2011, the DOL issued a rule that changed the requirements of tip pooling. Prior to this rule, the DOL could only regulate the tip-pooling practices of employers who used a tip credit. The DOL did not have authority to impose these requirements on employers who pay their employees at least the federal minimum wage. The 2011 rule changed that. Now, all employers are subject to section 203(m) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regardless of whether the employer uses a tip credit or not.

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James Beard Award

Coquine and Rucker – 2016 James Beard Awards Semifinalists

Congratulations to Coquine and Gabriel Rucker, chef of Le Pigeon and Little Bird for their James Beard award nominations. We wish both owner and chefs the best of luck in their nominations, and look forward to another tasty year ahead for them (and our taste buds)!

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Investor Defenders

Information About The Aequitas Investigation

Looking for Information about the Aequitas Investigation and Investors? Investors looking for information about their investment funds and private promissory notes issued by one of the Aequitas companies operating out of Lake Oswego, Oregon have come to the right place. We have created a site specifically designed for those seeking more information about the Aequitas investigation.

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Harper Lee

In Memory of Harper Lee

Harper Lee died today at the age of 89. Best known for her works “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and her more recent sequel “Go Set a Watchman,” she is particularly beloved in the legal community for her creation of the character Atticus Finch—a small town attorney whose kindness was surpassed only by his integrity. An informal poll of the attorneys of Samuels Yoelin Kantor revealed that many of us were influenced in part by Atticus Finch when making the decision to attend law school. Several still consider Atticus, at least as presented in “Mockingbird,” an aspirational standard and archetype for the profession.

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Piece-Rate Workers Entitled to Rest Period Pay

A major change has taken place for piece-rate workers in Washington. The Washington Supreme Court decided in March of 2015 that piece-rate workers are entitled to receive wages during their rest periods. Not only are piece-rate workers entitled to rest period pay, they must receive the greater of either their regular rate of pay or

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Changing Your Estate Plan: Don’t Cut Up Your Money For The Last Laugh

Thinking about changing your estate plan? Have you ever thought about disinheriting your children? It’s one thing to think about it, but to actually attempt it is another thing entirely. An Australian granny presumably attempted to disinherit her children, but with no avail. Before passing away, the 85-year old cut up nearly a million euros

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