211info: Community Information Contact Center

Even small children know that they can dial 911 in an emergency. However, many do not know that in Oregon and Southwest Washington they can dial 211 to get access to a variety of community information resources. The 211info contact center is a nonprofit that serves all of Oregon’s and some of Washington’s counties. The organization can provide community members with information and referrals to services in each of the following areas:

Childcare and Parenting

211info provides free referrals to qualified childcare services. The service also has staff who specialize in foster parent support and support for parents of children with special health needs.

Utility Assistance

211info operators have experience in connecting Oregon and Southwest Washington residents with utility assistance programs. The service has relationships with several charities and nonprofits that provide payment assistance to individuals who risk losing access to utilities. 211info callers can get customized recommendation and help applying for any of these assistance programs.

Emergency Management

When there is a state emergency, 211info is ready with guidance on how individuals should handle the emergency. Currently 211info has information about the state’s response to tsunami debris and the novel coronavirus.


211info is a great resource for information about local food pantries and applying for SNAP (food stamps). You can also call in to find out about farmers markets, community gardens, and summer food programs for youth.


211info is partnered with several health access assistance programs including programs for rural breast cancer patients and reproductive health. Callers can also inquire about pesticide-related inquires and report potentially dangerous pesticide application.

Housing and Shelter

211info is partnered with a number of organizations whose goal is to provide solutions to people with housing crises. Housing services include organizations that specialize in connecting individuals with housing and classes that educate renters on overcoming screening barriers.

In addition to dialing 211, community members can get in contact with 211info by emailing help@211info.org or texting their zip code to 898211.

Victoria Blachly: SYK AttorneyVictoria Blachly is a partner at SYK, and an experienced fiduciary litigator that works with many elderly clients, cases and causes. She is also a proud Board Member for the Oregon Alzheimer’s Association Chapter.

Be Alert: Join the Oregon Scam Alert Network

Scam Alert Network

The Oregon Department of Justice wants to help you stay alert for consumer issues.

How many emails do you get every day? Here’s an opportunity to sign up for email alerts that will provide value – and protection – for you and your clients. The Oregon Department of Justice has a free email alert, to notify us of emerging scams, fraud and other consumer problems. As they explain, “We will keep you updated about important consumer information to educate and protect your friends, family, coworkers and anyone else before they fall victim to scams and fraud.”

Past alerts have included phone tax collectors, ransomware and counterfeit tickets.

Now… stay safe out there.

Piece-Rate Workers Entitled to Rest Period Pay

A major change has taken place for piece-rate workers in Washington. The Washington Supreme Court decided in March of 2015 that piece-rate workers are entitled to receive wages during their rest periods. Not only are piece-rate workers entitled to rest period pay, they must receive the greater of either their regular rate of pay or minimum wage. Moving forward, agricultural employers who employ piece-rate workers may need to change their practices to comply with the holding of the case.

Pursuant to these new rules, agricultural employers must provide workers with a full, uninterrupted 10-minute break in each four-hour period of work. In addition, employers must pay piece-rate workers separate compensation for their rest period, and the separate payments must be based on the regular rate of pay or minimum wage, whichever is greater. To compute the regular rate, the employer must divide the total compensation earned in a workweek by the total active hours of work (not including the break time). Then, the employer must use the greater of their regular rate of pay or minimum wage, and multiply it by the amount of time the worker spends on rest periods. This amount should be added to the piece-rate workers weekly pay. For more information on compliance, the Washington Department of Labor and Industries has issued a helpful Administrative Policy.

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