Managing Partner’s Corner

After a year in our new office location in downtown Portland, we are well settled. If you have not been able to come by and see us, please stop in when you get the chance.

Throughout the last year, we’ve been presenting seminars to familiarize people with newer developments in the law and with general information on specific areas of the law. Recent seminars, each lasting about an hour, explored the following areas: Estate Tax Changes, Including Pets in Your Estate Plan, Understanding and Assessing Testamentary Capacity, Famous and Infamous Wills, and Estate Planning in Oregon. The Estate Planning in Oregon seminars are part of a series that focuses on Oregon-specific estate planning information.

If you’d like to be added to our seminar series invitation list, please contact us and we’ll make sure you have the opportunity to participate. If you have a group of people (up to 15) who would be interested in one or more of the seminars, we’d be happy to schedule a session either at our office or yours. And, if you’d like some general information about an area of the law, and you know of others who are interested in the same topic, please contact us and we’ll see if we can arrange a special session for you.

These seminars are free. We enjoy the opportunity to visit with our clients and other friends and meet new people. We hope to hear from you soon.

Would you like more information on the firm’s 2012 Seminar Series? Please contact us at or by phone at (503) 226-2966.