The Briton Vote: A Sabbatical in England

The Briton vote to "Brexit"

The Briton Vote – to “Brexit” or not to “Brexit”?

Today is a big day for Briton; voters will decide whether to remain in the European Community, or leave it. As I have been traveling through England on my sabbatical these past few weeks, this question has loomed large in the media, in the pubs and around kitchen tables.

My wife, Vicki, and I arrived at the home of our friends, Bob and Jill, yesterday, on the eve of the Briton vote. Bob and Jill are solid citizens, retired, with five lovely grandchildren. They live in a small community near Cheltenham in the West of England. They are, I think, typical of the people whose views I’ve heard while traveling. They are just not sure which way to vote.

As I write this article, we are sitting around the kitchen table with Bob and Jill, discussing the issues at hand. There are real passions and convictions on both sides of the question. The debates we have watched on television have featured well crafted questions from the audience and very articulate responses from the supporters of both sides. It comes as no surprise, the issues are all familiar to those that we have seen in the states: the economy, national security and immigration.

This morning’s issue of The Times reported that the race is too close to call, so we will watch the results from Briton with great expectations.

To learn more about the United Kingdom and their ongoing debate over whether or not to exit the European Union, or “Brexit” as it has been termed, check out this Wall Street Journal article.