What is a Fiduciary Litigator?

I am a civil trial attorney.  More specifically, I am a fiduciary litigator.  The problem is most people don’t have a good working knowledge of what that means, since there are no popular television series about attorneys that handle litigation for individual trustees, corporate trustees, beneficiaries, and personal representatives, including trust and estate litigation, will contests, trust disputes, undue influence, capacity cases, claims of fiduciary breach, financial elder abuse cases, and guardianships and conservatorships.

Sometimes I tell people my job is to manage family dysfunction and I’m really just a very expensive form of therapy. 

In a Business Journal article about probate attorney Tom Rickhoff from San Antonio, author Sandra Lowe Sanchez quoted him as describing his job as, “An endlessly fascinating study of human motivation." 

Mr. Rickhoff may have summarized my job better than I ever have…..