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Our firm has represented both debtors and creditors in a broad range of matters involving financially distressed businesses and individuals. We are able to analyze all resolution options with a focus on achieving the client’s goals and limiting the financial harm to all of those involved.

For debtors, we understand and respect that financial challenges are stressful and we pride ourselves in our ability to support and guide our clients through these difficult times. We have experience in debt work outs, settlements, business liquidations, defending collections, and bankruptcy. We also specialize in bankruptcies with tax complications. Our business services include: liquidating businesses outside of the bankruptcy process or filing a bankruptcy when necessary, advising business owners of their fiduciary duties, negotiating with secured and unsecured creditors, defending unexpected collection activity, and providing general financial and operational advice to weather a financial storm. Our individual debtor services include debt settlements, planning and filing bankruptcy, asset protection, defending personal liability claims and forced collections.

For creditors, we strive to protect your investment or claim and your ability to collect. We are experienced in enforcing secured creditors rights in and out of court and all facets of collection. Our services include negotiating settlements, protecting and securing collateral, collecting on judgments, and filing/protecting your claim in bankruptcy.

Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP. Business and Corporate Services

Attorneys who practice debtor/creditor law:

Our Debtor-Creditor/ Insolvency services include:

  • Financial and operational planning to navigate financial distress
  • Debt work outs and settlements
  • Business liquidation
  • Advising business owners and officers of fiduciary liability and risks of personal liability
  • Business and Individual bankruptcy filings
  • Creditor representation in bankruptcy
  • Enforcing judgments and protecting collateral
  • Defending forced collection